8 Best Advertising agencies in Austin for 2022

8 Best Advertising agency in Austin for 2022

Austin a buzzing city has seen a lot of development in the last decade, ranging from taller buildings to more empowering local businesses, it has shifted into the limelight. With the increase in small and medium enterprises came advertising agencies responsible for empowering these companies. Now Austin is home to some of the best advertising agencies across the world. In 2021 Austin ranks as the #3 city for ad agencies in the U.S. after N.Y. and Los Angeles. 

As the saying goes, “everything is bigger in Texas” and that includes their enthusiasm for innovation. From giant media corporations to ambitious entrepreneurs, the people of Texas are proving themselves every day that they don’t need to be in major cities like Silicon Valley to make something interesting happen.

This blog is designed to help SME’s select their ideal advertising agency to promote their brand and product.

1. Digitech

Digitech is an innovative advertising agency that specializes in SEO and web design. Their belief is “inside every impossible; there’s a possible trying to get out”.

Their main task is to help brands achieve their goals by expanding the limits. Digitech’s have a wide portfolio consisting of global companies as well as smaller businesses alike. Obstacles are just meant to be tackled to get results.

  • YEAR FOUNDED : 2011


  • SERVICES : SEO, Branding, Paid Marketing

  • CLIENTS : Universal Music Group, Ntirety, Peak Performers

2. Upthrust Inc.

Upthrust is an Austin-based award-winning growth & advertising agency that specializes in brand building, customer acquisition, strategy. 

Designers with a passion, creative team of marketers with a mission, and strategists with gold to help brands of any size achieve their targets. Service, partnership, family, ambition, and curiosity are just some of the values Upthrust incorporated into its business and has produced unquestionable results.

At Upthrust, our mission is to assist clients with potential reach higher than their expectations. We constantly excel at developing research-informed strategies with compelling creatives to deliver exceptional results for startups and Fortune 500s alike.

We believe smart work and creativity are the key ingredients for success. This belief has led to impressive sales and traffic generation for our clients across the board.

Through Data-driven practices like SEO, SEM/PPC ads, CRO and paid social media campaigns we provide our clients with the best possible outcomes for their business.

  • YEAR FOUNDED : 2021

  • TEAM SIZE : 1-10 employees

  • SERVICES : SEO, Branding, Paid Marketing, Social Media Marketing

  • CLIENTS : Dell, Sumitomo Group, Get rich or die trucking, NUHS

3. Spire Agency

Spire is a highly acclaimed branding/advertising agency specializing in B2B clients. Using tailored brand assets and strategies to create easily recognizable messages to draw consumer engagement on social media channels. 

  • YEAR FOUNDED : 2005

  • TEAM SIZE : 11-50 employees

  • SERVICES : Advertising, Email Marketing, Content Development

  • CLIENTS : Dynata, Trinity Rail, Naturally Slim

4. Neon Ambition

Neon Ambition is an up and coming agency focused on quality lead generation by understanding the consumers wants. Through their hard work and cutting-edge marketing tactics, Neon Ambitions have secured various accolades such as certified Hubspot partners and B2B brand of 2020. With one eye on customer care and another one on its value systems, Neon Ambition is sure to be one of the brands to grow exponentially.

  • YEAR FOUNDED : 2013

  • TEAM SIZE : 11-50 employees

  • SERVICES : Pay-per-Click, Content Marketing, Social Media

  • CLIENTS : Issuu, Brookfield Residential, Taylored Systems

5. Forthea

Forthea is a combination between realism, abstract imagination, and how the bridge could be gapped. Forthea in its right is an agency that uses data, to predict revenue streams from their own carefully crafted marketing mix. By collecting and using effective digital marketing & advertising metrics, they have proven just how effective their custom-made solutions are across the industry.

  • YEAR FOUNDED : 2006

  • LOCATION : Houston, Texas

  • TEAM SIZE : 51-200 employees

  • SERVICES : Website Design, Social Media Marketing, CRO

  • CLIENTS : Meltwater, Hanover Company, Mitel


SeedX, Inc. is a full-service marketing & advertising agency that helps organizations align their marketing and growth goals through digital and traditional channels.

SeedX is committed to providing its clients with the most innovative, cost-efficient, measurable solutions for achieving success. SeedX provides strategic planning, branding development, web design & development, social media management services, and video production all under one roof!

  • YEAR FOUNDED : 2017

  • LOCATION : Austin, Texas

  • TEAM SIZE : 1-20 employees

  • SERVICES : Website Design, Social Media Marketing, CRO

  • CLIENTS : Pretty Well Beauty, Bees & Trees, NYC Health, NY Jets and Hawaii Tourism

7. Envision Creative

Envision creative thrives on the collaborative relationship of the client and organization. Using their revolutionary 5E stage formula includes the first stage being an exploration of the brand, market and competition, the second executing strategies created, Engaging the market further, evaluating the campaign, finally elevating the strategies to target a wider public. 

  • YEAR FOUNDED : 2006

  • LOCATION : Austin, Texas

  • TEAM SIZE : 10-20 employees

  • SERVICES : SEO, SEM, and Web Design

  • CLIENTS : Make a Wish, Hilton Austin, University of Taxes at Austin and White Stone Brewery

8. Media Choice LLC

Media Choice LLC operational since 1997 has been successfully creating bespoke strategies for SMEs around central, south and east markets of Texas. Specializing in Outdoor advertising, it offers both Dynamic and static forms to select from varying on the client’s demand. Being one of the longest-running agencies, Media choice understands consumers and what makes them click, therefore becoming a long-time strategic partner in increasing market exposure across American markets.

  • YEAR FOUNDED : 2006

  • LOCATION : Austin, Texas

  • TEAM SIZE : 10-20 employees

  • SERVICES : Out of Home Marketing, Billboards, Outdoor Signage and Bottom Line Marketing

  • CLIENTS : Mcdonalds, Budweiser, Rolex, Whataburger and Coca-Cola

After reviewing the top advertising agencies of Austin, you may be wondering how they can help your business. Here are some things that each agency does to provide value for their clients and ensure that their businesses grow consistently. If anyone these sound like something you need in order to compete with other companies or just want more information, contact Upthrust Marketing today! We’re always happy to chat about what we do best – building brand awareness through digital marketing strategies.  Do you know which advertising company would work best for your needs?

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