A Growth Story…
or Maybe a Few.

We provide our clients our upmost dedication and efforts to help them achieve heights that reach beyond the sky. Here are some stories for you to expand on the same.

The Bit Master Amazon Digital Marketing Agency

Upthrust first conducted a very detailed analysis to map out the best course of action on developing a journey.

Add to that numerous brainstorm sessions on persona identification and UX analysis. Once the research, comparison and identification were over; we launched a full fledged campaign. It included getting people to the website, incentivising them to enter the funnel and then retaining them.

Marketing Strategist
Google Ads Specialist
UI/UX Designer

Partnerships often arise when businesses realize they face a challenge they can’t overcome on their own

The same happened in 2020 with Get Rich or Die Trucking founder Damien Blackman. He launched a platform that was meant to introduce and attract people to the world of Trucking in Canada

Marketing Strategist
Content Marketer
Facebook and Google Ads Specialist

We aim to achieve profitability at the end of 90 days broken down into the following milestones

We care about providing value to our audience. We genuinely want them to get to know themselves better and through the process become more empathetic to others. We are about creating safe space online and off-line, where people are accepted and heard as and for who they are

Landing Page Developer
UX Specialist
Marketing Strategist

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