Aikido Finance Amazon Digital Marketing Agency

Aikido Finance is unique in offering an investment platform that is accessible globally and to every type of quantitative investor.  They put the power of data, sophisticated research, and analysis behind the investment strategies and platform, giving investors back time and leaving them in control of their portfolio.

372% Growth

User acquisition via
Organic traffic

482% Boost

Monthly platform demos via
Paid campaigns


What were their goals when working with Upthrust?

Aikido wanted to create brand awareness by showcasing their USP of how they eliminated the high barriers to quantitative investing and opening up what was formerly confined to hedge funds, financial institutions or those with extensive coding and data science expertise.

What did we help them achieve and how?

Upthrust did thorough research to identify who exactly their target audience was. Once this was curated, we identified the mediums and ways to reach them and grow the intended metrics that is organic traffic and platform demos

Barriers to Aikido's Marketing Success:

Team Aikido found it difficult to get more demos because they were not targeting the right audience. Moreover, their approach needed to be customized to fit the needs of high-end investors they targeted

We love to follow processes and here’s what we did:

  • Kickstarted optimisation of their website to eliminate barriers and boost visibility in front of the right audience

  • Created a content strategy that started generating inbound leads within the first 23 days

  • Executed performance-specific campaigns backed by email marketing to onboard and nurture platform users

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