Dell EMC PowerProtect Data Manager is a data protection solution that was introduced into the Dell EMC portfolio in July 2019.

21% boost

User acquisition via Paid Search and Paid Social

13% new subscribers

Retargeting and Conversion Rate Optimisation


What were their goals when working with Upthrust?

– Simplifying the tool application 

Condensing the usage, & its utility was difficult to navigate and the goal was to simplify the tool application for the entire organization & beta testing. 

– Creating a script for this medium 

This was challenging due to the software and its intricacies. 

– Being budget friendly 

This is something each organization aims for but in Dell’s scenario, it was especially evident. 

– Creating the product explainer video 

Pre-production and production were quite unfamiliar as it covered a totally new product from Dell, which meant creating the product explainer video for new users who weren’t aware of powerful applications. through CLI based

What did we help them achieve and how?

– Product Launch Campaign. 

Growth Rate – 35.78% 

ROAS on Google Ads – 6.45x 

Leads – 121 

– A thorough understanding of the app was needed to simplify the content for everyone in the organization. 

– Animated video encapsulating advantages and uses was created for budget friendly, engaging content.

Barriers to Fitwel’s Marketing Success:

Being recently launched, the idea was quite fresh and had to be demonstrated in an easy-to-understand tone. Not having a website and social media presence added to the challenge of reaching the maximum audience.

We love to follow processes and here’s what we did:

  • Based on the minimum order value of $80, we achieved the first target of 1000 units sold, in the first 3 months of launching.
  • Designed sales funnels and marketing strategies to grab more attention and create high revenue.
  • Implemented multiple, hyper-targeted email campaigns to get higher awareness and cross an expected ROI of 180%

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