Foodio is a fast-growing marketing platform for restaurants.
Present in over 50 cities, Foodio connects customers to more than 300 restaurants to satisfy cravings whenever and wherever you need them most.

38% Growth

User acquisition via SMS marketing

53% Boost

Monthly orders on average


What were their goals when working with Upthrust?

As consumers shifted their dining behaviors to ordering in, Foodio sought a new way to engage hungry diners. Knowing their audience was relying on their phones to order, SMS marketing was top-of-mind for Foodio.

What did we help them achieve and how?

We were able to identify the gap quickly, and knew had to put our creative hats on for a completely different approach! That’s when it kicked in; using fanatical SMS marketing to engage with and onboard new restaurants.

Barriers to Foodio's Marketing Success:

Team Foodio found it difficult to onboard more restaurants using generic digital marketing techniques. They saw a considerable increase in ad spending and a decline in the number of conversions (platform signups).

We love to follow processes and here’s what we did:

  • Quickly scaled their platform with dedicated support to provide guidance to newly onboarded restaurants

  • Analyzed and segmented marketing messages based on criteria such as “restaurant location” to deliver more relevant experiences

  • Set up robust automation capabilities to interact with their target audience at the right moment

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