Partnerships often arise when businesses realize they face a challenge they can’t overcome on their own. The same happened in 2020 with Get Rich or Die Trucking founder Damien Blackman. He launched a platform that was meant to introduce and attract people to the world of Trucking in Canada.

21% boost

User acquisition via Paid Search and Paid Social

13% new subscribers

Retargeting and Conversion Rate Optimisation


What were their goals when working with Upthrust?

They were struggling to develop and adapt campaigns that can quickly create the necessary brand awareness with engagement. 

But success — especially when building from the ground up — is not possible without having the best foundations in place. And one of the keys to the success of automation and digital marketing is the use of market research and market strategy to penetrate the product at the right time

What did we help them achieve and how?

We started by revamping their website for conversions, moving further we moved to design the marketing campaigns based upon the newly designed and researched buyer persona to yield a greater ROI 

3-month growth: $ 11, 674 to $ 98, 678 

ROAS on Google ads: 4.13x 

ROAS on Facebook ads: 6.14x 

Growth rate: 195% 

Organic website growth: 103% 

First step was to fully understand the market and develop a full funnel analytics and journey tracker. The execution began with development of an optimized website and landing page for better visibility. They were later tailored for better UI and UX. 

Further, we hyper-targeted the audience to create animated promotional videos to help understand the offered service faster and to reduce friction points.

Barriers to MCO’s Marketing Success:

Team MCO was working hard to build a community of like-minded shoppers through their content marketing, paid social, and paid search efforts. The process of content creation, being quite tedious; extended the entire execution and a few good opportunities were missed.

What did we help them achieve and how?

Showcasing their brand principles and products was our major responsibility while also being super conscious of the brand messaging used. Upthrust was responsible for its overall Digital Marketing efforts.

We love to follow processes and here’s what we did:

  • Built an SEO-friendly website with engaging pop-ups to collect visitor’s data
  • Automated email workflows to boost addition and retention: 13% new subscribers – Retargeting and Conversion Rate Optimisation 
  • User acquisition via Paid Search and Paid Social: 21% boost in sales 
  • Enhanced visibility using On-page, off-page, and technical SEO: SERP 1 for 7 high and medium-traffic keywords

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