The Bit Master Amazon Digital Marketing Agency

TheBitMaster is a crypto exchange service that familiarizes novices in the crypto world. Crypto is a new verse which often is daunting for a person to explore, so TheBitMaster offers two exclusive channels, stocks and forex to divide investments. 

21% boost

User acquisition via Paid Search and Paid Social

13% new subscribers

Retargeting and Conversion Rate Optimisation


What were their goals when working with Upthrust?

The objective was simple: identify the target persona and create a strategy which bends the barriers which construed the mind of a potential crypto enthusiast. 

What did we help them achieve and how?

Upthrust first conducted a very detailed analysis to map out the best course of action on developing a journey. Add to that numerous brainstorm sessions on persona identification and UX analysis. Once the research, comparison and identification were over; we launched a full fledged campaign. It included getting people to the website, incentivising them to enter the funnel and then retaining them. 

Product Launch Campaign 

ROAS on Google ads: 6.45x 

Leads: 121
Growth rate: 35.78%

Barriers to Fitwel’s Marketing Success:

Being recently launched, the idea was quite fresh and had to be demonstrated in an easy-to-understand tone. Not having a website and social media presence added to the challenge of reaching the maximum audience.

We love to follow processes and here’s what we did:

  • Based on the minimum order value of $80, we achieved the first target of 1000 units sold, in the first 3 months of launching.
  • Designed sales funnels and marketing strategies to grab more attention and create high revenue.
  • Implemented multiple, hyper-targeted email campaigns to get higher awareness and cross an expected ROI of 180%

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